Featured Artists

At the Bean we’re very proud to display some dearly loved artists from the area! We currently feature photographers Dana Lafita-Smith, and Dacota Maphis. See below for a little bit about them and come by the store to see their art for yourself! Each artists’ work is for sale.

Dana Lafita-Smith


“As a photographer, I love that the fast pace of life can be stilled and preserved through the lens of a camera. This earth is beautiful, the life on it and all of the elements that comprise it are breathtaking. The one element that stirs my soul is water. Water is powerful, mysterious, and beautiful. Capturing the magnificent artistry of water in all of its forms and displaying it in a way that speaks to the soul is my passion.” -Dana

You can find Dana’s website with more example’s of her work at Dana Lafita-Smith.com

Dacota Maphis

“When I think about life I see art and have a desire to express it through whatever medium I am experiencing at the time. With the hope that I might inspire or bring joy or at my best make you smile. My background includes interior design, jewelry, paper mache, mmixed media, acrylic, fashion design, photography, and digital art.”

Dacota’s online gallery is at IArtDacota.com​